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The Indian construction industry recorded a consistent double-digit year-on-year growth (12%) during 2000-2005, and is expected to grow at 25-30% during 2005-2010. The key drivers of this growth are government investment in infrastructure creation and real estate demand in the residential and industrial sectors. Ambitious plans such as “Bharat NIRMAN” and other concomitant government and private sector driven initiatives in both infrastructure development and real estate will further drive growth in the near future. All these factors pose a rosy picture for the construction industry and hence provide a great scope for SEWA NIRMAN.

To set up a construction company by and for the construction workers by organizing them and to bridge huge supply and demand gap in construction industry.” SEWA NIRMAN generates sustainable livelihood for its members (i.e. the construction workers) by organizing & training semi-skilled workers and free them from exploitation. SEWA NIRMAN works for infrastructure development across the country, focusing on rural development benefiting the construction industry and the entire nation at large.

There is a need for skilled workers in construction industry. Hence, it is very important to improve the skills of the construction workers. Majority of the workers learn the skills through experience and on the job learning from fellow workers. But if a proper mechanism to provide training to them is worked out, it would largely help in increasing their incomes. Further, many workers are trained but they are not able to generate employment opportunities for themselves because there is no collective effort. Faced with challenges such as lack of required funds, modern tools, latest technology and approach of a professional body, workers at present do not get employment throughout and also get exploited in terms of daily wages. This scattered talent, if organized as One Group, can strengthen its positioning significantly in this rapidly growing industry.
Further, many workers are trained and keen on taking up contract work independently. However, due to want of modern tools and equipments, at present, they are not able to execute better paying high quality job work. A centralized tools and equipment library providing equipments to its members on rental at a reasonable cost is help these workers earn self employment to a great extent.
This company strives to bring together the skilled and semi skilled labour who till now have not been able to be exposed to the multiple projects available outside their geographical locations and the construction agency which faces huge supply shortages due to the increased construction activities across the country.

1. Civil Construction segment:

SEWA workers already have a strong track record in rural areas especially in construction of water sheds, water tanks, wells, check dams, roads etc. SEWA NIRMAN is leveraging its existent experience to target such rural development work all over Gujarat and even nearby states in the near future, focusing on building rural infrastructure.

2. Home Solutions Segment:

SEWA has a manpower base consisting of masons, carpenters, plumbers, painters and electricians. This skilled manpower base can be put to collective use in providing complete end to end home solutions to end customers. This is highly beneficial to customers who suffer due to the lack of a single organisation which provides one-stop-solution with respect all these services in a structured manner.

SEWA intends to start up this service centre in small towns of Gujarat and with success; its operations will be expanded to larger cities like Ahmedabad.

3. Tools and Equipment Library:

There are around 2000 semi skilled construction workers around Radhanpur and Santhalpur itself. These workers can generate small construction projects on their own around their residential towns and villages but are usually not able to fulfil them due to the want of tools and equipment. Also they are subject to exploitation by the tools and equipment rental agencies which charge them exorbitantly due to supply shortages.

4. Manpower Sourcing Agency:

With construction activity in full flow in the country and infrastructure development being the focus of both the government and the private sector, there is a great demand for skilled labour in this sector. SEWA NIRMAN is helping bridge this gap between supply and demand by acting as a nodal agency for construction related manpower sourcing.

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