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SEWA has helped its members obtain health care which is run by women themselves. Our approach emphasizes health education as well as curative care. It also involves coordination and collaboration with government health services for immunization, micronutrient supplementation, family planning, tuberculosis control and referal care at public hospitals, dispensaries and primary health centers.

systems suited to their own needs and have steered their bank wisely for over two decades. They own their bank and run it themselves through their Board. It has always been financially sound and viable, earning surpluses and dividends for its share-holders.
SEWA's Approach to Health Security: Key Elements
Linking health security to work security which means that all economic activities at SEWA have a health component and all health action, in turn, is linked to producer's groups, workers' trade committees and self-help groups and their economic activities

Capacity-building of local women especially traditional midwives, so that they become the barefoot doctors of their communities/villages.


Women-centered health care led by local women, including occupational health, reproductive health, maternal health, mental health and nutrition.

Addressing common health problems like tuberculosis among poor families.
Promotion of health and well-being by providing access to health information and health education.

Linking health services to insurance, provision of basic amenities like sanitation literacy and other developmental programmes.


Emphasizing self-reliance both in economic terms and in terms of women themselves owning, controlling and managing their own health activities.

» SEWA Promoted Midwives' & Health Cooperatives
  Shri Swashrayi Mahila Lok Swasthya Co-op. Ltd. (Ahmedabad District & City)
  Shri Krishna Dayan Co-op. Ltd. (Gandhinagar District)
  Shri Swashrayi Mahila Shramshakti Dayan Co-op. Ltd. (Kheda District)
  Shri Swashrayi Mahila Dayan Co-op. (proposed) (Mehsana District)
  "My dark days are over now"

Nanduben Shrimali is a garment worker and midwife from Enasan village, Ahmedabad district. Her husband was unable to earn and the burden of raising her four children fell on Nanduben's shoulder.

"I worked night and day to keep my children in school. Then one day Bachiben, a senior dai (midwife) in my village said,'Nandu, you are clever and you have struggled a lot in your young life. Would you like to accompany me on my midwifery rounds? I can teach you this work.' And so I learned slowly to be a midwife. Then I also learned about SEWA.
Today, I am a full-time 'barefoot doctor' and trained 'dai'. I have organised 50 dais to join SEWA and our dai cooperative' Lok Swasthya. Last year, I was elected to Lok Swasthya's executive committee. Now I have organised training for 50 new dais. Health knowledge and skills help more women during childbirth. Sometimes for days I don't sleep at night as someone or the other calls me to help with child-birth in my village.
I feel like I have been born again after I joined SEWA and Lok Swasthya Cooperative. I make a living as a dai from the cooperative. my dark days are over now."

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