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» Homenet
  Homenet is an international network of homebased workers' organisations, policy-makers and researchers committed to working towards full recognition and visibility of home-based workers as full-fledged workers with appropriate laws, policies, social security and economic rights. Homenet has members on every continent and remains inclose contract through a newsletter and regional workshops with follow-up action. Recognition of Homenet's role came during the international campaigns for the rights of 250 million homebased workers worldwide leading up to the international Labour Organisation (ILO) Convention 177 which gave these workers full rights.

In 1999, Homenet followed up on the progress with regard to ratification of the Convention in several countries. It also spear-headed a campaign for social security for home-based workers at the ILO and in member countries. In addition, it began to understand the impact of globalisation and liberalisation on homebased work. A series of workshops in India, Thailand and Turkey were organised to examine these and other issues affecting home based workers.
  Homenet is also actively assisting rural home-based workers especially artisans like embroiders, organise and form networks and marketing linkages. A workshop, " Threadlines" was organised with embroiders from Portugal, Mexico, Bangladesh, Pakistan and six groups from India. An international network of embroiders was formed at this workshop at which international designers also participated and shared their knowledge and experience.
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» Streetnet
  Vendors from Africa, Latin America and Asia met at Bellagio in 1994 to discuss how they could organise internationally for just policies and laws. Vendors want space to vend in increasingly crowded cities, licenses and representation in urban development policies. They want to be part of the process of formulation of the latter. They want their contribution to the urban economy to be recognised. In 1999, representatives of vendors organisations from Africa, North America, Latin America and Asia met to discuss closer collaboration, strengthening of Streetnet and organising in general. They also agreed to document examples of 'best practices' in their own countries and regions. Finally, more vendors' organisations and unions will be organised in Streetnet, and a large international 'sammelan' or convention and gathering of vendors is planed for the year 2000.
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» SEWA in Turkey
  Through Homenet, SEWA came into contact with Turkish women, mainly home - based workers. Two Turkish women who were active in the women's and workers' movement in Istanbul visited SEWA and requested our support in setting up a workers' organisation.

In October 1999, a team of two SEWA organisers participated in a national - level meeting of Turkish home-based workers, government officers, NGOs and academics. We learned that there are many home-based workers in Istanbul and other Turkish cities, as well as in the rural areas. The workers have begun organising in their neighbourhoods and will then decide on their form of organisation. They will also develop linkages with contractors to give women steady work and income. This is important, because all home-based work in Turkey is organised through these contractors. Women do not know their main employers.

The workers also plan to conduct small studies to collect data on sub-contracting chains and the linkages up to the main employers. They are forming neighbourhood workers' committees. An exposure visit to SEWA is also planned.
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