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Shri Mahila SEWA Anasooya Trust
SEWA has been using communication services as a means of bringing the reality, concerns and struggles of poor women into the mainstream of society. In addition, communication services are required by self-employed workers to facilitate sharing of experiences, enhance organising and strengthen their movement. Through these services, women learn of each others concerns, struggles and strategies.

One such medium of communication is our fortnightly magazine 'Anasooya'. It communicates the experiences of workers and their organisations to the outside world in Gujarati.

In order to consolidate and strengthen 'Anasooya's efforts to promote women's development, Shri Mahila Anasooya Trust was established in 1996. The Trust produces publications on issues concerned with women workers. It also
  promotes local and folk media, booklets, posters and video films. In addition, workers obtain training in these various communication media.
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