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  188 villages and 16287 members covered; focus on 5316 poorest of the poor households.
  Jeevika SEWA Mandals formed in 154 villages.
  1343 Self Help Groups are being strengthened.  435 SHGs have started internal lending
  The project has provided 130 members of the poorest of the poor with direct loans (approximately 400,000 Rs.) for income generating activities through the District Associations and JSMs.  Members of 486 SHGs have accessed credit through internal lending and SEWA Bank. 
  Tools and Equipment libraries are set up in 50 villages.
  Drought proofing work is initiated in 54 villages.
  Total 239 demonstration plots showing farming techniques and inputs have been developed.
  *4549 farmers were trained in animal husbandry
  726 members have gained employment through forestry.  The income to members through this activity is Rs. 351.90 per month.
  Capacity Building trainings and support has been provided to 1651 salt workers.
  The project has received Rs. 29,748,143 of orders generating Rs. 16,375,841 in income to 109 Agarias.
  Five-acre model salt farms have been constructed at Kuda and Degam.  These model farms give an insight to Agarias of the benefits of adopting new efficiency enhancing production techniques and producing by-products such as potash and gypsum. 
  1,200 artisans have set up 54 Common Production Centers at the village level as part of a decentralized production strategy
  Craft has proved as a major tool for livelihood security for 1,200 artisans; out of these 1,200 artisans 800 are from the poorest of the poor households. 
  650 artisans participated in skills up-gradation training from grade C to grade B and grade B to grade A. 
  2242 artisans were engaged in craft work through the project.  Craft production is being integrated into the village micro plan and production undertaken only at the village level common production centers to facilitate standardization and quality control.
  Capacity Building Trainings are received by 35030 members.
  58 Jeevanshalas are being operated with 1680 members to promote literacy among girls.
  Disaster preparedness trainings designed and delivered to 1074 members.
  75 child care centers have been opened reaching upto 1913 children.
  Health care services (awareness trainings, camps, adolescent girls’ trainings) have been provided to *20747 members.
  Cleanliness Campaigns or Safai Jumbesh to provide a clean and healthy environment for the villagers and provide employment for the poorest of the poor has been taken up in 11 villages.  8 villages were provided hand carts, brooms, aprons, socks, masks, bags for wet and dry waste and hand carts.  Members make fertilizer out of the wet waste which they sell along with the dry waste.
  During the project period SGMH has marketed Rs. 1 Crore 7 Lakhs  sesame and Rs.  7 lakh cumin by directly linking them to the market so farmers were able to obtain a fairer price for their produce.  The market price of sesame was Rs. 30 and of cumin was Rs. 65 while SGMH was able to obtain Rs. 40 for sesame and Rs. 70 for cumin, benefiting 3000 farmers. 
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