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  8.1 Introduction
  Shri Mahila SEWA Sahakari Bank Lt. which cane into being in the year 1974 and was established at the initiative of 4000 self-employed women each of whom deposited Rupees ten as their share in the new venture- is an offshoot of the SEWA movement, and today, the very backbone of the parent organisation.

SEWA Bank is a registered cooperative bank. The Bank functions economically and independently of SEWA. SEWA Bank has presently been able to lend 1/3 of its capital to borrowers, while 2/3 of capital remains with the Bank. The Bank operates with independent books of accounts and decision-making structures headed by the Managing Director.

While the objectives are manifold: from inculcating the habit of saving to providing credit and promoting insurance benefits; as also enabling members to get out of the clutches of unscrupulous money lenders building their own assets and capital; equipping them with technical and managerial capabilities; and more, the motto has remained the same- to make the poor self-employed women, economically strong, safe, sound and self-reliant.

Today, the SEWA Bank stands out as the only bank of its kind in the country and is still growing by attempting to reach out to the maximum number of poor women engaged in the unorganised sector speaks of the long journey ahead.
  8.2 Activities During The Year
- Targets set for the coming years
- SEWA Bank will make increase in savings up to 16 crore.
- 75,000 more women will be joined.
- Working Capital 110 crore will be issued.
- 20 crore worth loan shall be provided. - 12,000 women shall be given loan.
- Account holder women were linked-up with the PDA technology.
- Up scaling of operations was done by bringing together women.
- Loan procedure was simplified and loan appraisal procedure was made further stringent.
- Monitoring of NPA overdue was further made strict.
- Provided more technical support in rural areas for upgrading the Savings group from C grade to B grade and B to A.
- Loans were provided for releasing the lands along with required monitoring and linkages
- In affiliation with the SEWA Research conducted a study on the land release loan and energy need assessment.
- Technology developed by SEWA bank facilitated the women, as medium of instruction was Gujarati.
- Financial planning training was imparted to women and their children, which helped them to plan their future from their childhood.
- Business counselling training was provided which facilitated women to calculate profit-loss and imparted knowledge about expansion of their trade and employment.
Banking At SEWA BANK
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