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  4. Jeevan Shala
  4.1 Introduction
  Literacy Programme: Jeevan Shala (Life School)
  SEWA have been operating Jeevan Shala in the rural area to build the capacity of poor self-employed women to manage their own micro-enterprises and so as to manage her family too. “Jeevan Shala” is an informal school started by SEWA members facilitates education and imparting of knowledge to the adult members between the age of 15 to 45. Such a school usually referred to as ‘life school’ has been designed on the basis of what the members want to learn so as to develop their interest, confidence and self-esteem. Those members who are seeking knowledge in the Jeevan Shalas are called “Aksharas” and members who guide and provide the training are called “Vidhya Gauris”. The members as per their convenience fix the timings and also pay fees for attending the Jeevan Shala classes.

Vidhya Gauris are trained for 5 days to train the members. This training covers introduction of SEWA, role of Vidhya Gauris, modulation of primer-1, how to prepare and teach educational tools.

“After joining Jeevan Shala I learned reading and writing. Once I went to get birth certificate of my daughter in Panchayat. Talati (government officer) refused saying that you have not registered. I asked him to check books. While he was checking I was also looking into it. Where I found out my daughter’s name and I got the certificate. I regularly read honshila nu paanu and gain knowledge. My daughter had cough, I found tips from honshila nu paanu and by using it, she was cured.”- Vimalaben Chauhan – Nana Vaga Village,
  Achievements of Jeevan Shala
- In the current year the members celebrated 5 “Akshara Mela” at village level in Patan(1), Anand(2), Surendranagar(2) districts. The members also participated in different educational games that were organized during the fair. Such fairs encourage more women to learn and join Jeevan Shala.
- The members of Jeevan Shala not only learned to read and write but also learned to read various kinds of books which helped them in their daily lives and also increased their knowledge and awareness.
- It is through the Jeevan Shala that the members are now able to recognize words, write their names and signatures and have also learnt to see the time on the clock.
- During the year 5 Jeevan Shalas were started in 4 villages of Kutch district covering 150 Akshara women.
- This year alternate employment trainings like preparing vermin compost, drying vegetables, manufacturing washing powder and computer training were also organized for women who have learned reading and writing properly in Jeevan Shala. 53 members were imparted training through different training programmes.
- Workshop on Teaching Learning Material was organised for Vidhya Gauris of Anand. This workshop was to make them understand and learn how to prepare educational tools and their compulsory usages in the Jeevan Shala during they teach.
- Workshop on Poster Developing was undertaken which aimed at training members to prepare effective posters and reach out the message to the villagers for different activities with the right message.
- An annual examination is conducted every year to assess and review the knowledge of members, this year 267 women appeared for the exam out of which 259 women passed the examination and got the certification.
  The monitoring mechanism of the Jeevan Shala is an important factor in making the Jeevan Shala successful.
  4.2 Status Of Sewa’s Jeevan Shala Program -2004
District No. Of Jeevan Shala No. Of Villages No. OfVidhyagauris No. OfAksharaben No. Of Core Team Members
Surendranagar 23 +3 (stopped) 14 23 571 1
Patan 15 + 3 (stopped) 26 26 695 3
Kutch 5 4 10 150  
Anand /Kheda 25 + 3 (stopped) 18 35 556 6
Total 77 62 94 1972 10
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