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SEWA is registered as a trade union under the Indian Trade Unions Act of 1926. The union is open for membership to self-employed women workers all over India. The membership fee is Rs. 5 per year. The union is governed by a two-tier level of elected representation. The members of each trade elect their representatives in the ratio of 1 representative per 100 members. These representatives then form the Trade Council (Pratinidhi Mandal). In addition, and parallel to the Trade Council are Trade Committees(Dhandha Samiti) in each trade. The Trade Committee has no fixed proportion to number of members but varies between 15 to 50 members. The Trade Committees meet every month and discuss the problems of their trades and possible solutions to them. Trade Council members are members of their respective Trade Committees as well. The organiser of a trade group is the Member Secretary of that group's Trade Committee.
Every three years the Trade Council elects an Executive Committee of 25 members. The representation on the Executive Committee reflects the proportion of the membership.
  The office-bearers of the trade union are elected from among the Executive members. It has become a practice to elect the President from the trade with the largest membership.
  SEWA's Membership
» Self-Employed Women Workers – our Members
  SEWA members are workers who have no fixed employee-employer relationship and depend on their own labour for survival. They are poor, illiterate and vulnerable. They barely have any assets or working capital. But they are extremely economically active, contributing very significantly to the economy and society with their labour. In fact, 64% of GDP is accounted for by the self – employed of our country. There are Four types of self-employed women workers:
  Hawkers, vendors and small business women like vegetable, fruit, fish, egg and other vendors of food items, household goods and clothes vendors :
  Home-based workers like weavers, potters, bidi and agarbatti workers, papad rollers, ready-made garment workers, women who process agricultural products and artisans, and
  Manual labourers & service providers like agricultural labourers, construction workers, contract labourers, handcart pullers, head – loaders, domestic workers      and laundry workers. In addition to these three categories there is emergence of another category of women workers.
  Producers & Services who invest their labour and capital to carry out their businesses. This category includes Agriculture, cattle rearers , salt workers, gum collectors, cooking & vending etc.
  While the overall trend is upward, there have been periods of fluctuation over the past decade. Membership increases occurred as a result of campaigns which developed into mass movements in some rural districts, concrete gains from organising of some categories of workers like vendors and home based workers and also be cause of support during crises.

Over the years, the complexion of SEWA's membership has changed significantly. In 2006, of SEWA's 4,83,012 strong membership in Gujarat, 60.77% was rural and 39.23% urban. Within our four major occupational categories, the picture was as follows:
» 2016  SEWA Membership
All India Membership 13,39,621
Gujarat Membership 6,99,194
» All - India Membership year – 2016
State Membership
Gujarat 6,99,194
- Munger
- Bhagalpur
Murshidabad 12,000
Delhi 26,000
- Bikaner
- Dungarpur
- Jaipur
- Ajmer
- Jodhpur
Madhya Pradesh
- SEWA -Indore
Uttar Pradesh
- Lucknow
- Trivandrum


  • Mumbai

  • Sonitpur
Meghalay 530
Nagaland 1960
Jammu & Kashmir 315
Odisha 3826
Total 1339621
» Gujarat Membership by Trade 2015
Main Categories of workers No. of women
Manual Labourers and Service Providers 498258
Home based workers 67,914
Hawkers &Vendors 37703
Producers 130854
Total 699194
» Gujarat Membership - Rural - Urban 2012
Main categories of workers No. of women Percentage of total membership
Urban 1,94,278 27.79
Rural 504916 72.21
Total 6,99,194 100.00

1. Hawkers & vendors - 37703 members  5.39%
2. Home-based workers        67914
3. Manual Labourerers Service Providers      498258 members 71.26%
4. Producers & Services  18.71%
Self Employed Women's Association
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